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German Translation Files seem to be gone and more

German translations here...

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German Translation Files seem to be gone and more

PostAuthor: Schnulli » Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:45 pm

German Translation Files seem to be gone and more

Sometime ago i talked a few with Mike and other old Developers about the Future of IntegraMOD, what is now a Mix of KissPortal and the old IntegraMOD Idea.
I guess, because KissPortal is now on Top, just the name of IntegraMOD should be kept and only a few in difference, maybe a Shop Modul Addon should be in my opinion the difference.
Like PetraShopModule: ... ompatible/

To sad, that KissPortal itsefl also has no more an active DNS and Host nor Developer, i will ask around at my pals because here a new "network" is planed and they also need a good solution.
I will start translating again in German under GPL non Profit, the old good way and Idea.
Would be nice if some developers could start to help recompiling the tons of good Templates and Styles we had and have in the "basket"
The reason why i think that such a Portal and CMS Solution is in need, is the trouble with Facebook and the Copyrights.
The Copyright Laws will become harder in Europe for Facebook so Millions will need a smoothy easy to handle and use CMS AND Shop Module, exactly like this we have.

Yaa @All. have a GOOOOD start into 2017
Schnulli aka @-=LODDEL=-@ yes... i´m the real one, Leader of United-Crew, because we´r still alive ^^ We´r Back online ! Beeing 1337 means to be one ^^ 8-)
Mike, Keep on Rocking....... We´r with you !

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Re: German Translation Files seem to be gone and more

PostAuthor: Helter » Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:27 pm

I think our interest in staying current with phpBB has waned due to the sometimes ridiculous "standards" set by phpbb devs and the relatively short life span of the major versions. Just about the time most of the large mods were finally validated, they immediately became obsolete with the advent of phpbb3.1. With projects like Stargate and Integramod, we have to support our mods as well as all the included mods and some of them were never completed by their authors. Its like a hamster wheel that eventually burns out even the most dedicated developers. Some of the members at integramod have rewritten much of the original IM141 as IM151 to make it modern and compatible with the latest php/apache versions. The upside is that all the mods are complete and it is still the most thorough one stop forum solution. The downside is that it still does not scale well to a huge userbase. By huge I mean thousands of active members using most features though ive only seen real problems on shared servers with limited resources.
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Re: German Translation Files seem to be gone and more

PostAuthor: Schnulli » Mon Jan 02, 2017 5:49 pm

Hi Helter, nice to hear "your voice" again and know your still with us.
Ur right, time is short and new Versions force us to recompile all.
The thing why i am sure that phpBB Stargate, Kissportal and INtegraMOD will be alive and wanted is real easy...
tooooooo much got been stolen by idiots in US named Facebook and others, and here in Germany, with my pals, and them are not only a few, want a solution they can trust in the way its safe.
Even our Goverment is looking around for new Open Source Solutions to manage a whole City or Land.
As i can imagine, they started to understand that free development is the best and better, even the costs are less......
You know Refugees Problem in Germany, i got asked years ago how to handle all the data... and i asked "i have something in my drawer named integraMOD whats able to run even on an Laptop as CMS Portal and Sever"
I made them a Virtual Debian Server for an V-Box Applicance combined with Integramod ..... thats it ;)

In a few i deliver you a German Language Set for IntegraMOD and also a nice gadget named "GenBerry" whats Gentoo compiled on Orange Pi Plus 2 with a Apache Webserver and installed IntegraMOD as an Image with Insturchtions to install on a 32GB SDHC Card ;)
If Stargate, phpBB and KissPortal would like to have the German Language Set as well, i will do.

By the way, just to let you know.... there had been voices whom whispered me, that there had been folks, about to take us away IntegrMOD and other goods...... i think i was able to make them understand its a bad idea ^^
I could name it, who it is / was..... lets see, if they pay.. if not... i am again "down under" and hack them down.... i think you got it?
If they pay... we all have some more coins in our pants.. the old thing like ever ^^

Till then, Best Regards from Germany.

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